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After several years working as an exhibiting artist having completed both undergraduate and post-graduate degrees in visual art, I eventually returned to my academic work as a lecturer in education at university where, as part of a team, I helped prepare beginning students to become school teachers as well as supervising higher degree students in education and visual art. Naturally enough I lectured in visual art and education, as well as sociology, psychology and when computers became more widespread, information and communication technologies.

It was not until the early 1990’s that I saw the possibility of a convergence between visual art and digital technology that culminated in the development and implementation of Australia’s first full time degree program in computer mediated art at the university where I lectured. I helped produce a first generation of artists who combined both of these forms of studio practice in Australia and who taught these two forms of studio practice in schools.

It was about the same time that I commenced my PhD that drew together analogue (traditional) visual art with digital technology and resulted in a studio practice that you can see on this site.

Curriculum Vitae

Eight degrees. Slow learner, didn’t know when to stop:

I hold a PhD, a Masters of Education and a Masters of Arts, a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Economics, a Postgraduate Diploma in Visual Art, a Diploma in Art and Design and a Diploma of Education.

Lots of lecturing and teaching:

I have lectured in different aspects of education such as sociology, maths and information and communication technologies as well as the visual arts in both analogue (traditional) and digital studio practice. Lots of conference papers and publications.

But now back on track with my art:

I have had in excess of 50 group and one-person exhibitions in Australia and overseas.

You are welcome to read my PhD below which combines my academic work with my studio practice. I have Pamela Anderson to thank for this.

A Body and Technology as Meme:

Durer’s Draughtsman Drawing a Reclining Nude, Herrenvolk, Aesthetic Surgery and an Artist’s Digital Studio Practice.

Download A body and Technology as Meme

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